Brand Enthusiast Contract

Brand Enthusiast Contract Agreement
Please list one name & age per line.

Charmily & Co Brand Enthusiast Contract Agreement

Your account must be a public Instagram account and you must reside in Australia. ⁣
Post a minimum of two photograph posts or one photograph post and one story per week on your social media accounts. We would love if you can post more than this! (Minimum of 24 Photograph Posts or 12 Photograph Posts + 12 Stories during the 3 month period.)
Your first post/story should be posted within 7 days of receiving your first order.

Post photos at a time that is high traffic for your account. We encourage you to use a “call to action” in your description to encourage discussion and engagement in your posts.
Email the high quality, non-watermarked images to us at
Tag us in the comments (@charmilyco) and on the photo and use the hashtags #charmilyco on all of your posts.
Engage on our social media, we will share the love back!

For your participation as a Charmily & Co Brand Enthusiast you’ll receive:
30% off full priced products for your first order as a Brand Enthusiast. (One time use only, not valid with any other offer.)
20% off full priced products for the 3 months period, for personal orders only, unlimited use!
Exclusive 10% discount code for your online community, family & friends.
$50 Charmily & Co store credit at the end of your Brand Enthusiast period.
Bonus free products may come with your order!
As a representative of our brand, we request that you share any sale, competitions/giveaways and promotions for the duration of the 3 month period.
Lots of social media love. We will engage with you on your social media platforms.
Our support, love and appreciation!

After you’ve completed 3 months as a Brand Enthusiast, we will review your contract where you may be then offered a Brand Rep position.
Discount Codes
Any orders found placed, that are not personal orders using your personal code will be cancelled and you will be in breach of your contract which may result in cancellation of your position as a Brand Enthusiast.
Upon cancellation of our agreement, you'll also forfiet all benefits offered to our Brand Enthusiasts including cancellation of your personal discount code.
As a Brand Enthusiast/Rep, we ask that you answer questions and engage with your followers about your posts and the products you have posted about. It’s also important that you regularly like and comment on posts in our social media feeds as this helps other people see them. Please promote and interact with Charmily & Co promotions, competitions and announcements via social media.
We want you to be part of the Charmily & Co family and are excited to grow with you! As such, we expect you to be loyal to Charmily & Co for the period of our agreement. We understand you may represent other brands and we think that’s awesome – however we do ask that if you take on any roles that may conflict with our brand and values, that you let us know. We also request that you don’t represent stores that sell the same products as we do for the period of our contract.
Use of Images
Any images tagged or sent to Charmily & Co become their property to use for purposes of advertising, marketing and community engagement. Charmily & Co reserves the right to use any and all photographs without permission each time on their social media accounts, advertising, and website.
Brand Enthusiasts will be involved with our brand for a three month period, from the date of commencement.
Brand Reps will be involved with our brand for a six month period, from the date of commencement. Your date of commencement is at the time of signing and submitting your contract.
Termination of the agreement must be made in writing by the Brand Enthusiast/Rep with 14 days notice.
As a Brand Enthusiast/Rep, if you don’t participate with the requirements for your agreement, Charmily & Co reserves the right to cancel your agreement without notice. We have the right to withdraw you from the contract at any time, without question if we find you are not abiding by all the terms and conditions. We understand situations can change and emergencies can arise at any time, and family always comes first, but please keep in contact to let us know of any issues you may have with fulfilling your agreement. Charmily & Co will attempt to reach you, however if no reply or response is made within 7 days, your agreement and contract will be cancelled. Upon cancellation of our agreement, you’ll also forfeit all benefits offered to our Brand Enthusiasts and Reps.
Terms and Conditions
By becoming a Charmily & Co Brand Enthusiast or Brand Rep you agree to the Terms and Conditions above. We may revise these terms at any time by amending this page and sending you the changes via email.